The Hospital
The scene of the scrutiny is set at the leading neuropsychological research hospital in the southwest part of England equipped to the highest standards. The staff comprises the best brains in that part of the country and the hospital has already gained quite an impressive reputation for curing many patients otherwise left to mental disablement.

The hospital, however, has not wished to have its name made public - quite understandable especially now where - so I have been informed – some of the mentally weak patients are convinced that some unearthly horror has come upon this strictly scientific area.

Surprisingly though, the hospital manager has granted a short camera interview with the hospitals chief parapsychologist, who admits to have the very book itself in his possession and has agreed to unveil a few facts. He is for instance rather puzzled by the strange figure on the front cover of the book. But he seems eager to investigate the dubious thing.

I have sold the full interview to a smaller local tv-station, but they have not made any promises as to bring it. However, I have included a brief extract of the interview here. Please contact me, if you represent a tv-station interesting in showing the full interview.


The medical manager of the hospital, who put me in touch with the chief parapsychologist (private photo).

A hospital orderly shuts a door leading to the hospital garden upon a cry from a patient claiming to have seen unearthly footprints outside (published without permission from the hospital).

CT-scan of the patient who wrote the mysterious diary (published without formal permission).