The Diary
By now I am positive that the diary has been handed over to be examined by the chief psychiatrist of the para-psychological department at the hospital. He has of course refused to take it seriously as have most of his colleagues.

The nurse, who has started seeing my friend a little in between, although this relationship is not officially permitted, is also on good terms with the female secretary of the chief parapsychologist, Paula Lomann. And some girls talk suggests that her boss actually has come across a copy of the hideous old foliant himself.

So this is turning rather interesting, indeed. I will be back as soon that I know more.

I bring this picture of Paula Lomann without her permission (photo: private).

My friend who is in an interim care of a modern mental hospital in the southwest of England after a minor breakdown in consequence of a failed degree, too much work and too much stress reports, that an odd manuscript has indeed been found within the hospital. The manuscript is written by a man who apparently as a youngster found a hidden copy of some hellish book during a stay with relatives in Normandy together with two younger sisters.

My friend is positive that the diary was written by this very same individual because he has been told so by a nurse with whom he has come on friendly terms. The manuscript is rather disturbing and does concern the finding of a mysterious old book describing in dreadful details a totally nightmarish haunting that furthermore came true upon reading it.

Everybody but the boy died as the farmhouse finally caught fire and burned down to ashes. He was brought to the mental hospital, Le Centre Hospitalier de Navarre i Evreux, but was later on transferred to England. The night of his death he wrote his strange manuscript by memory in hand.

I will try to obtain more information.

This is the only known photograph of "Auntie Marthe", who owned the cursed farmyard in Normandy.

The mysterious destruction of the old farm house in Normandy was briefly featured in a local paper.

This old family wedding photo is said to portrait the two relatives with whom the boy and his two younger sisters Beryl and Carol stayed a winter.

A bit of the diary of the mentally sick man (reproduced without permission).