The Book
My friend has found out that the parapsychologist indeed, who for now wishes to remain anonymous, for some time has been searching for the book without any luck. But in consequence of sheer coincidence he learned a short while ago, that the foliant suddenly had turned up in the hands of a local bookseller.

The owner of the bookshop, Mr. Alon Oshim, maintains that it was brought in from the estate of a deceased Irish Squire, who had called himself Hippolytes O’Riuagor.

The scientist being chief parapsychologist of a very well-reputed psychiatric research hospital in Southwest England was the only reason for the owner of the book store to allow him to have the old foliant for a thorough examination. But Mr. Oshim did feel very reluctant to hand it over - all too well aware of the disasters it allegedly has caused in the past. And he did it solely, he said, for the sake of science expecting the scientist to find out why and how an old foliant may possibly affect people so seriously as it is stated. The strange symbol on the cover, however, presents a puzzle to the bookseller too.

Perhaps some mysteries may not be investigated.

A painting of the Irish Squire claimed to have owned ”The Prophecy of Oriuagor”, but I have not been able to verify this.

The bookstore in the local village, where the horrifying book was found.