According to legend a diabolical book was published in 1732. Large, heavy and wrapped in rough blue leather it was said to be the most evil and terrifying book ever written.
It was called

The One who Waits

but was more commonly referred to as “The Prophecy of Oriuagor”. It predicts the future of Mankind as ruled by Antichrist. Contemporary records seem to confirm that many a poor soul died attempting to read it. Most went irretrievably insane. An untold number of copies were burned or otherwise destructed. Still most modern scholars consider it all a myth.

But now a strange diary has turned up.

I am going to look further into this mystery. Who wrote this horrible old black book and why? Also, does it really make its readers go mad? And if so – then why and how?

Stay on this site and follow my attempts to pursue this rather dark story but please do it only if you feel assured you can stand up to it.